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Non-Meat Pizza with Shrimps and Asparagus!

How many non-meat pizza recipes, besides the 4 cheese and the Margarita do you actually know (and are able to cook)? Well, here’s another delightful food treat to be added to your mouth-watering collection! So, here goes the recipe! Step one: arrange a rack in the middle of the oven and turn the settings to its hottest – which is typically from 500° to 550°. Thenwards, heat up a small amount of..

Cooking the 4 Cheese Pizza

You know, despite the cheese, on par with the tomatoes being one of the most vital and basic ingredients for a pizza, I never really enjoyed it. Let alone having a pizza with just a cheese on it, like the kind of a pizza pie the 4 Cheese pizza is. So naturally, while I was growing up, my pizza of choice was always ham and pineapple (an almost proper Hawaiian pizza). I was pretty positive on…

Potato Pizza Recipe

Sports fans, rejoice! Finally your (and mine) two favorite game day snacking things – the pizza and the fries (or crisps, whatever potato-ish dish is the indulgence of your choice) – have joined forces! But how did I figure that insane kind of a recipe out? I visited Rome for the first time last November. As excited as I was to see the Colosseum, Pantheon, and Sistine Chapel, I was even more thrilled…